About AOP-KF®

2016 Respiratory Health and Safety Forum

Innovative Enterprise in the Air Purification Industry

AOP-KF® is a national high and innovative technology enterprise which integrates research and development, production, sales and technological consultation services. Its research and development focuses on a ground breaking air sterilization and purification material called AOP-KF® Solid Alkali (Chinese and US invention patents granted). The synergy between AOP-KF® Solid Alkali and low temperature plasma can rapidly eliminate three major air pollutants, namely pathogenic micro-organisms, micro and ultrafine particles, and formaldehyde. AOP-KF® Solid Alkali is a disruptive technology whose performance trumps all traditional materials and methodologies currently available in the industry.

Core Team

Dr Li Guopei

Dr Li Guopei

President & Chief Scientist

Vice Director of Spatial Micro-organisms Data Center
Standing Committee Member of The Committee of Spatial Micro-organisms And Epidemic Diseases of China Academy of Research Hospitals
Multidiscipline Expert Scientist
Former Vice Director of Hangzhou Mechanical Science Research Institution
Winner of numerous prestigious science awards
Numerous Science Journal Publications
Numerous Patents Awarded

Dr Lu Jiahai

Dr Lu Jiahai

Dean Of Health Research Center

Zhongshan University, Professor of Institute of Public Health
Advisor For Doctoral Students of Epidemic Diseases And Micro-organisms
New York State University Sabbatical Professor
Vice Dean of Zhongshan University Institute of Public Health
Director of One Health Research Center
Vice President of Guangdong Tropical Medical Academic Center
Vice President of Guangzhou Zhonghua Academy of Preventive Medicine
President of Guangdong Association Of Laboratories

Li Guoqiao

Dr Li Guoqiao

Director & Founding Partner

Professor of Guangzhou Chinese Medicine University, Advisor of Doctoral Students
Former Vice Principal of Guangzhou Chinese Medicine University
Former Director of Artemisinin Research Center
Standing Committee of Chinese Academy of Tropical Diseases And Parasitology
Director of Clinical Research Center For Artemisinin

Dr Liu Tiefu

Dr Liu Tiefu

Vice President Of Research Center

Professor at Fudan University
Special Appointed Class A Foreign Scientist
Sabbatical Professor of Guangzhou Medical University
Professor of Wake Forest University
Bachelor of Science at Hengyang Medical University
Master of Science at China Medical University
Doctoral Degree in Immunology at Hong Kong University
Post Doctoral Studies at University Of Southern California

2016 Respiratory Health and Safety Forum

Dr Li Guopei, Chairman and Principal Scientist, attended the 2016 Respiratory Health and Safety Forum, which was held by Indoor Environment and Health Branch, Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences at China National Convention Center in Beijing on 5 September 2016, and delivered a keynote speech.


Company visited by Zhang Guobao

Former vice president of National Development and Reform Commission.

R&D Center China Shipbuilding Industry Corp

Chemical Defense Research Center

Team of 12 scientists visiting AOP-KF headquarter.


Spatial Micro-organisms Data Research Center

Visit of Major General Liu Changting and his science team


Dr Li Guopei

Delivering a keynote speech at the opening ceremony of Spatial Micro-organisms And Infection Professional Committee of the Chinese Academy of Research Hospitals.